Bonsai & Penjing dislpay in China – For sale

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I have been astounded just lately by the numbers of what I would describe as Bonsai Trees on display in Gardens, on Balconies, on window sills and for sale in the markets in Nanning Guangxi China.

Bonsai for sale

On researching this subject more deeply I have discovered the following:
What I have been describing as plain old Bonsai over the years…ain’t necessarily so…

There is a big difference between Bonsai and Penjing…
Just what is Penjing?
Penjing is the Chinese art of creating containerised miniature landscape scenes.
It is considered an art form.
Using, invariably a Bonsai tree as centre stage but not essential as a rock will do and adding other plant materials such as moss and lichens, stones in varying sizes, sometimes water the artist will try to create an idyllic miniaturised natural scene.
A Mountainside or Wooded glade are possible subject matters.
Often seen with meandering paths or streams, sometimes small clay figures are used, maybe a person reading or fishing. If appropriate and used correctly the effect can be quite stunning and beautiful.

Bonsai for sale in China

Much simpler designs are also found where one single tree makes up the entire scene.
Penjing and Bonsai are often mistakenly thought to be the same.
Penjing is the much older form (earliest date Tang Dynasty 618-907) from which Bonsai has evolved.

Harmony and Natural are the key drivers in creating a perfect set.

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