Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai tree care is often considered the most important aspect in the Art of Bonsai.  It is not the display in isolation that is an art form. Without a top quality tree specimen, the display will not meet required expectations to become a suitable candidate for consideration as Bonsai Art. Bonsai care and maintenance is essential. Looking after […]

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Bonsai Penjing The Difference 1

Penjing – Bonsai ! What is the difference? – Simply, for the gardener to appreciate the main difference between Bonsai Penjing, the question to ask is this. The composition, does it have a tree as it’s main focal point or not? But the confusion does not stop there. Example of Penjing, the rocks being the […]

Pruning a Bonsai – Training by Chinese Bonsai Nurseryman

Instructions on pruning a Bonsai Tree from a Chinese Bonsai Nurseryman. The video below was taken in China. It features a Chinese Bonsai Nurseryman demonstrating how to prune a fast growing Bonsai Tree.(Ficus). As you will see he starts off to one side and slowly and methodically works inwards taking care not to take too […]

Pruning a Bonsai –  Training by Chinese Bonsai Nurseryman

Repotting a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Care Repotting

Taking care of your Bonsai Tree – Repotting The activities that are involved in taking care of a pot plant or indoor plant are the same activities involved with  Bonsai tree care. Making sure that it has well developed and healthy fibrous roots is vital for the sustained good health of your Bonsai tree and […]

Bonsai Displays 2 of 2

These Bonsai are on display in a market selling area. although it might be difficult to purchase them as there is never anyone present. Someone must tend them though, watering the Bonsai and pruning the Bonsai and there is a phone number to call. Click on image for enlarged.



Bonsai Displays 1 of 2

Various places where Bonsai are on display or are for sale. Some of these were outside a Bar/Restaurant located in Nanning China. Click on image for enlarged.

Bonsai and Penjing for sale in China 3 of 3

More images showing individual shops selling Bonsai and some selling Bonsai and Penjing specimens. This particular selling area, one of many, has around 30 shops in one form or another selling Bonsai and Penjing along with very many other shops selling everything from Flowers to Fish, all in all a very large market style shopping area. […]